Logo Design that lasts

Logo design that is elegant, adaptable and equipped for the long term

A corporate identity needs to be iconic, adaptable and visually consistent when rolled out across a wide range of channels

Everyone’s heard the term, less is more right? Well in the case of logo design this really is a valid adage. A good logo design should be simple but distinctive and synonyms with the owner organisation’s activities. The reasons simplicity are the key to solid branding are many. This is evident when we look at the top 100 global brands.

Firstly, a logo needs to be consistent visually across a range of different usage cases which range from the very tiniest of products to the largest of displays. For this reason simplicity is best to guarantee uniform, consistent brand delivery.

Basic icons or pictograms have been a shorthand language in their own right since before the Ancient Egyptians carved their first hieroglyphs, and have proved a very effective form of communication beyond the written word. Today, we refer to this visual language as iconography.

This may sound simple? However, creating an iconic brand that delivers in the way I just described is not as simple.

In essence the role of the designer is to distill down the function of an organisation, its values and market position within its sector and to communicate all of this within a simple visual device that can be easily reproduced consistently on anything from a fridge magnet to the side of a sky scraper. Another important consideration is its adaptability for use within animation which is a growing feature of modern marketing within social media content. The unstoppable growth of video content online make it crucial that a logo design lends itself to animation. Think movie intro frames, or TV commercial closing frames.

In short, there’s a lot to consider in the design of a logo in this day and age, especially if it is to last and pass the test of time. If you are looking to own a brand that has the staying power to become a timeless classic, you need a practical, versatile and iconic logo that does it all. Call me today and let’s get started.

What your business needs is a logo that lasts the test of time.

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