Engaging Copy Content

The timeless skill of storytelling, delivered digitally or in print.

Nudging them along their customer journey

Headlines that hook the reader, then draw them into content that is both informative, entertaining and persuasive all at the same time.

Copy that outlines the benefits of a business in the context of how they can relate to and improve a reader’s experience. Copy punctuated by magnetic sub headings that grab reader attention and act as a summary of what’s to come. These are the goals I strive for when I see an empty page and the blinking curser on a blank screen.

Capture customer imagination and watch sales click into place

Succinct, well distilled copy is the name of the game in digital marketing. Enticing your reader in, making them want more, getting them to open that next door. This is the key to click through on the customer journey.

Intriguing readers with the promise of greater insight, self improvement or financial gain is the dangling carrot that collects leads from contact popups and landing pages.

Blog content and youtube video descriptions written with an eye on SEO, containing topical keywords to reach a wider audience and generate traffic organically.

Compelling copy coupled with great graphic design, is a marriage made in marketing heaven whether it’s combined and read in a magazine, brochure, email newsletter, website blog or social media post.

Tips and tricks

Succinct copy that is distilled down and easy on the eye is what customers need. You are asking people to spend their free time reading your content, so the goal is to earn their attention with easy to read copy. Intelligent font selection with generous leading (line spacing) are important in achieving a visually pleasing balance.

Turn readers into visitors, turn visitors into subscribers, turn subscribers into buyers.

Business Bundles

We provide campaign assets from awareness to action and everything in between. Real world awareness through a range of print and display options designed to drive traffic into your digital customer funnel, website and ‘owned’ digital channel assets. Quality digital content to convince prospects. Set your print and digital communication apart from the competition and turn more readers and browsers into buyers. 

Customer Comments

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