Design for Print

Design for Print can engage customers in a way that digital content alone, can never do.

Look beyond the digital deluge of your in-box.

Print is a tactile media, something real, something you can pick up and feel. For this reason it has a different ‘user experience’ if you will, to describe it in modern terminology.

Of course user experience, these days, is a phrase we are used to hearing in relation to the world of digital media. However, user experience is to some extent even more relevant in the everyday world. How we react to printed media with our, very real, senses of sight, touch and feel have a profound impact on how we as consumers perceive a brand.

In terms of touch, printed material can elicit an emotional reaction that raises the profile of a business or brand. It’s the job of your designer at the pre-press stage of a project to specify which processes will add value to your communication outside of the agreed content, layout, general design style and CMYK process colour system.

Discover how intelligent print can greatly enhance your marketing mix. Embrace the tactile world of print and employ embossing, spot varnish and gold or silver foiling within your projects and watch your brand reputation soar.

Tips and tricks

To realise the full potential of your print communications, create a bridge to digital content on your website by including QR (quick response) codes in your brochures and leaflets.

Design for Print
A 48 page Brochure Booklet can say it all, sitting on your buyer’s coffee table.
Print that is functional, providing brand exposure in the customer’s line of sight.
Gold Foil Finish front for Business card
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