Design for email marketing

Grab audience attention with hypnotic graphic creations in their in-box

Effective email marketing that entices your customers into the buyer funnel

Effective email marketing is all about the assets, graphic assets that is! Catching your customer’s eye with captivating imagery and compelling copy, finished off with a ’must click’ call to action. This is the recipe for success. 

Innovative use of imagery that jumps out within a crowded in-box. Diligent design which follows your brand guidelines and manages your businesses’ image assets and message to guarantee consistency across all your marketing communications across print digital and display media. It’s what your business needs.

If you’re looking for a design service that will deliver excellent return on investment, contact McCusker Graphic Media and let’s get started.

Capture their imagination with a cinemagraph

What is a cinemagraph you might ask? Well, quite simply a cinemagraph is an animated gif file that loops seamlessly to deliver the illusion of live video. The effect is perpetual motion, the key to its success is ‘seamless’. This effect is particularly powerful in the body of a promotional email, as motion graphics tend to capture a viewers attention more readily over still imagery.

The key is in the making. You’ll see animated gifs used in promotional emails from time to time, the majority of these will ‘jump’ back to the beginning producing a jerky effect, and NOT what we are looking for. Our goal is to subtly invite your customer into the content, to do this we need to create a seamless, almost hypnotic, effect that puts customers in a relaxed frame of mind. Take a look at the example I’ve created. This is designed to draw the customer in with a seductive product environment in a relaxed atmosphere, putting your customer in a mood conducive to making a purchase.

If you think your company’s content could benefit from intelligent design, contact us to explore the best options for the growth of your business. Let’s get started today.

Digital content
Engaging email content for mobile and desktop users.
Capture customer interest with captivating animated gif email content.

Business Bundles

We provide campaign assets from awareness to action and everything in between. Real world awareness through a range of print and display options designed to drive traffic into your digital customer funnel, website and ‘owned’ digital channel assets. Quality digital content to convince prospects. Set your print and digital communication apart from the competition and turn more readers and browsers into buyers. 

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