Expertise and a diverse skill set built up over a career of more than 35 years, delivering full spectrum graphic design services for awareness to action and every stage in between through print and digital.

It’s about a good overview and seeing the big picture. A career of over thirty five years in design provides that. Delivering projects by implementing user centred design principles and a range of diverse skills. Collaborating with key contributors and being guided by data to advance efficiency and achieve the best solutions to maximise engagement.

Design of assets for awareness to action…  and everything in between

I’m comfortable at all levels and stages of the creative process within the customer journey.  Creating and co-ordinating digital and traditional assets in thru-the-line campaigns to achieve targets driven by SMART objectives and an understanding of how design fits into the broader strategy and activity.

With a wealth of experience, working remotely, collaborating with colleagues and/or progressing projects on my own initiative, flexible working is a discipline that comes as second nature. 

Prior to my current role I have held studio management and senior designer positions within previous employers’ businesses. In addition to my core creative production remit, these positions have also involved budgeting, allocation of resources and delegation of work, as well as creative direction, end to end from concept to completion. Please download my CV below for full details, and I look forward to meeting you in person or virtually, with a view to adding strong creative production value within your organisation. My CV also contains supplementary information detailing my formal qualifications plus a Basic Disclosure Scotland certificate for those organisations that require this.

Alan McCusker Design Director 

Design Skill Set

Adobe Indesign
Adobe illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
Apple Keynote / powerpoint
Apple iMovie
Apple Pages / MS word
Adobe Premier
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Dimension
WordPress & Elementor
Video Scribe - white board animations

Digital Marketing

Thru-line Campaign Assets
Content Creation
What my customers are saying

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